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What proof of funding do I need for a UK student Visa?

Proof Of Funding

As part of a student Visa requirement, international student may need to display sufficient financial capacity for the duration of your studies in order to be granted a student Visa.

To show financial proof of living and studying in the UK, each applicant must show financial capacity to cover:

1. Tuition fees (for one academic year)*

  • 1st year’s fees or full course fees if the course is less than 1 year
  • Will usually be shown on your CAS letter for the amount you have paid for your tuition fee deposit

2. Living expenses (for 9 months)*

  • If living in Inner London, an amount of £1,265 per month must be shown
  • If living anywhere else in the UK, an amount of £1,015 per month must be shown

In order to display exact financial proof, each applicant can do so by means of showing:

  • Bank letter, under you and/or your parents’ name
  • Bank account statement, under you and/or your parent(s)’ name
  • Financial Sponsorship from an international organization approved by UKVI
  • Government Scholarship
  • Student loan from the bank

Evidence of maintenance must show the funds have been held for a minimum period of 28 consecutive days finishing on the date of the closing balance shown on your bank statement.

In order to ensure you are submitting the correct financial documents, check with AUG to review your checklist before submitting your Visa application.


From 1 October 2012, applicants from low-risk countries will generally not be expected to provide documentary evidence of financial maintenance and education qualifications if applying from their home countries. However, students must be able to provide the appropriate documents if exceptionally requested.

From 6 April 2014, student from low risk countries could now be asked to take a Credibility Checks Interview. This would be a 10-15 minutes interview by UKVI staff in the UK or Manila.


* subject to change

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