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What is the 30-day vignette on my passport & Biometric Residential Permit (BRP)?

30-Day Vignette

Upon collecting your passport from the VFS Centre, you will receive a vignette Visa (full-page sticker) in your passport which will be valid for 30 days to allow you to travel to the UK.

  • You will receive a decision letter from UK visas and Immigration confirming that your Visa application is successful.
  • Show both the vignette and the letter at the UK border, when travelling
  • Your full Visa must be collected within ten days of arriving in the UK.

It will be printed on a Biometric Residential Permit (BRP) in the form of a standard-sized card. The location of collection will most probably your university (with ACL code in the Visa application) or be a designated post office (as indicated in your notification letter). The BRP must be shown along with your passport whenever you travel in and out of the UK.

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