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How do I know if my GTE is written well enough?


What is a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)?

The GTE is an integrity measure to ensure that the student Visa program is used for studying purposes and not used as means to maintain ongoing residency in Australia.

Why do I need it for my Visa application?

The GTE requirement would be very helpful in identifying genuine applicants and that the applicant will not be using the student Visa for non-studying purposes. The applicant needs to indicate that they are only staying temporarily in Australia to gain a quality education.

What will I be asked to write on?

  • Reasons for choosing this course, institution, and decision to study in Australia
  • Potential living circumstances in Australia?
  • Relevance of your course to your education background and future career/study plan
  • Others (Consult AUG)

For a more detailed read about the GTE, please visit the Immigration Department website.

What does the Australian Immigration Department really want to know?

  • Your intention on getting the student Visa
  • Your English proficiency
  • Your financial capacity
  • Your education background
  • Your age
  • Your Visa history

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