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UK Application Deadlines

Deadline For Application Submission (Uk)

These are the UK application deadlines.

1st Deadline
  • Applications open on September of the preceding year
  • Application received before 15th January will be considered equally
  • Each applicant can apply up to five UK Universities

Tip: Apply before 15th January to improve your chances of getting the offer letter.

2nd Deadline
  • After 15th January, the application will only be considered pending course availability
  • Applications still open until 30th June
3rd Deadline
  • After 30th June, you can no longer apply up to five Universities
  • Can only apply for one University at a time, and can only choose from courses with availability
  • Application deadline for medicine, veterinary medicine/science and dentistry courses are 15th October the preceding year
  • Deadlines are earlier due to the need for longer admission processing, internal interview, and external aptitude tests

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