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Should I apply for advanced entry/credit exemptions?

Should I Apply For Credit Exemptions

Here are some questions you can ask yourself before proceeding:

How relevant is my applied course to my previous studies?

Credit exemptions consider the compatibility of your previous studies with the intended units you are seeking exemptions for in that particular University. If you have taken a break after your graduation or did poorly during your previous qualification, it is advisable that you undertake the full course.

Am I doing a professional degree?

To gain accreditation, the accreditation board of the country of study may require a minimum number of study duration in a specific area.  For example, an Architecture student in Australia needs to complete a three-year Bachelor degree, before he/she can progress into a one-year Masters degree. Upon completing five years of studies, only then can graduates sit for the Architectural Practice Examination to be an accredited architect in Australia.

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