Tips on How to Secure Your Interview

Prepare For An Interview

We understand that there is a lot on your plate, but don’t worry. We got you covered with these helpful tips here:

  1. Be yourself (but professional). You can be formal but relaxed at the same time. Two-way conversations mean a healthy interview
  2. Know what to expect. Double-check with the institution on their interview format and expectation to help your preparation. Also, research about the interviewer if possible
  3. Get there 15 minutes early. This is the best timing. Not too early, and certainly cannot be late!
  4. Research your course and the university. Know your course syllabus. Know why you are interested in the course. If you can dig info from ex-students of the same course or institution, you will win bonus points
  5. Make sure you read over your personal statement. It’s likely that they might ask you about it. If you have claimed to have read a book in the personal statement, and actually haven’t, now would be the time to read it.
  6. Anticipate the questions. Just like studying for an exam, you shall prepare answers in advance. Answer naturally, not robotically.
  7. Mock interviews. Get a friend, parent or teacher to pretend to be your interviewer for practising.
  8. Come prepared with a list of questions about the course or the university. Ask the more complicated questions, not the obvious ones you can find in brochures and official website
  9. Read around the subject you are applying for. You want to show interest beyond the classroom. Have a look at relevant newspaper articles, browse the Internet or read professional publications. Read around the areas of the subject that really interest you (and are included in the course)
  10. Two-way traffic. It’s not always about how you would fit the institution. It’s about how the institution should fit you too. Asking questions during an interview will lead you to your own answers you are seeking


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