How to prepare the best-looking art portfolio?

Prepare An Art Portfolio

An art portfolio serves to showcase your artworks, interests and progression throughout your journey. To prepare the best portfolio, come prepared with the following:

Explain about your work

  • How it all began?
  • What inspired you to start, do, and finish this piece of work?
  • What were you trying to achieve?

Demonstrate a build-up process

  • Don’t just show your finished product
  • How did you develop your ideas from the beginning?
  • Include evidence that inspires your conceptual and technical thinking, which includes sketches and research
  • Don’t be afraid to display unsuccessful ideas as it may reflect on your willingness to experiment, risk-taking and so on

Display your skills and capabilities

  • It is important to include a range of works that demonstrate your technical skills and ability to handle different techniques
  • Must also include your breakdown of the design process in order to prove the comprehension of your personal annotations and artistic impression

Update your portfolio with a present project

  • Present projects would best reflect your most up-to-date capability
  • Previous projects would offer the best comparison and reflection of how your work has progressed from past to present

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