How to apply for advanced entry/credit exemptions?

How To Apply For Credit Exemptions

Here are some pointers for you:


  • Advanced entry application forms must be made via Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)
  • Applicants must then indicate the point of entry (e.g. 2 for Year 2 or 3 for Year 3)


  • Preference can be ticked on the general application form
  • Students are required to provide full course outlines (course details, assessment type and weightage, study materials etc) of the subjects they would like to assess for exemptions
  • Students must also choose and self-match the particular unit(s) of the University which they would like to match with
  • For students studying in the articulation program, where an agreement exists between the home country’s University with the Australian University, credit exemptions may already be pre-determined and granted automatically


  • Universities do not usually assess exemptions until an offer is issued to the applicant
  • Could also commence assessing until after acceptance of offer letter

We can assist you with this process to ensure you get the results as soon as possible.

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