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Can I still apply when I have not completed my studies?

Applying Before Course End Date
Can I use my forecast or current academic results to go ahead with my applications?
  • YES
If I’m in my final term/year, do I need to wait for my final transcripts to be released?
  • NO, you can already use your current results for lodgement
Our advice:
  • The earlier you apply, the higher the possibility of a successful enrolment in the course of your choice.

AUG can assist on the following if you apply earlier:

  • Thorough pre-assessment and filtering of your application documents, as well as ensuring you have lodged a complete application
  • Constant reminders on any important external tests, as certain courses may require such tests as an entry requirement
  • Double-checking on your written statement/portfolio/audition copies
  • Help prepare you for course-related interviews (if applicable)

NOTE: Earlier application due dates and international student quotas may apply for specific courses. AUG will help to ensure that you do not miss out on such crucial dates!

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