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What is Arts and Humanities

Loss of Academic Momentum

Arts and Humanities encompass a wide range of disciplines that explore the human experience, both past and present. It focuses on understanding, interpreting, and appreciating various aspects of human culture, creativity, expression, and thought.

The Arts has a more specific focus towards creativity and aesthetics often involving the production and expression of ideas, emotions, and concepts through various mediums. This includes visual arts, performing, and literary arts.

Humanities delve into the exploration of human culture, history, language, literature, philosophy, ethics, and other forms of intellectual and artistic expressions. They provide insights into the complexities of human society, thought, and identity through critical analysis, interpretation, and reflection.

Here are some of Art and Humanities courses available:

  • Liberal Arts: All about exploring creativity, the past, and human culture to better understand the world we live in. These courses emphasize critical thinking, communication skills, cultural awareness, and the ability to engage with complex ideas.
    eg. Literature, History, Philosophy, Political Sciences
  • Creative Arts: How you express yourself through the different mediums.
    eg. Music, Film, Writing, Painting, Sculpture, Photography
  • Social Sciences: Study of human behavior, societies, and various aspects of the social world by understanding how individuals and groups interact, how societies function, and how human behavior is shaped by cultural, economic, political, and psychological factors.
    eg. Geography, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Anthropology, Social Work, Public Health, Gender and Women’s Studies

Is it worth studying Arts and Humanities?

100% yes!

In a world where change is consistently happening, it is quite difficult to learn up every trending technical skill there is out there. Instead, focus on enriching your personal, intellectual and professional development.

Arts and Humanities courses offer a holistic education that equips you with skills, perspectives, and insights that can benefit both your personal growth and your professional pursuits.