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Work while Studying

Work While Studying

Besides earning a side income, students may wish to pursue part-time work whilst studying in order to:

  • Gain relevant/valuable work experience and exposure into the working life
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Convert academic knowledge into industry skills
  • Get an opportunity to meet new people
  • Discover personal strength and weaknesses
  • Improve future employability

However, please be aware that there are working restrictions imposed by the government on international students who are on VISAs.

Work conditions

Before starting your programNot eligible to work
During your program while classes are ongoingNo more than 40 hours per fortnight (2 weeks)
During your program while it is the semester break (if not enrolled into any course)Unrestricted hours
During your program (if it is Masters by Research/PhD)Unlimited work rights
After your program (before your student visa expires)Unlimited work rights

AUG Internships

AUG Australia offers internship opportunities to international students throughout the year. This is a perfect opportunity for current students and fresh graduates to apply their academic knowledge in a practical working environment while enhancing their skills further through hands-on experiences with AUG.

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You will require a Tax File Number in order to work in Australia. Please refer to the Australian Taxation Office website on information for how to apply for a TFN.

After graduation

If you wish to work in Australia after you graduate, we have listed out the various visas that you may be eligible for, including temporary and permanent migration visas.

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