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What A Student Does in the UK

The world is an oyster! Having spent 3 years in the UK allows me to put forward to you some of the fun things you could do in the UK! (Disclaimer: these lists are based on my personal preference and not exhaustive as there could be many other fun things to do suited to your personal likings, so knock yourselves out and explore!)



For an avid football fan like me, choosing to go to the UK is an easy choice as this country pride themselves of their footballing culture! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to catch a Premier League match LIVE at the stadium, and I must say, the experience is nothing like watching it through a screen. The atmosphere as you cheer alongside fans and dissing opposing fans together is hair-raising and must be experienced once in a lifetime!



The UK is spoiled with famous acts or listings almost weekly to monthly, as opposed to Malaysia where u had to wait for months or years for a glimpse of your favorite artists. During my 3 years stay, I had the chance to attend some major acts such as Ellie Goulding and Kings of Leon, to smaller gigs such as Ferdinand and Switchfoot. There’s no reason you cannot satisfy your insatiable appetite for live musical acts here!



I cannot emphasize more that the UK is a haven for fans of performing arts. London has classic blockbusters like ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ that have been running for decades, to modern masterpieces like ‘Hamilton’ and ‘Matilda’. Many talents have graced some of these famous stages, and some even went on to become international popstars.



I’m sure studying in the UK would not be complete without travelling. UK is accessible to neighbouring European countries, thus making travelling the EU more affordable. Public transportation is widely available with the options of trains or buses that could take you nationwide across counties. Alternatively, renting a private vehicle of your own gives you the liberty of freedom to explore the hidden gems to your hearts’ content.



Upon touching down the UK, I wasted no time in joining the Malaysian Society of my University and made a bunch of great friends from my homeland. Being a part of community with people you can relate to is great for your mental health in a foreign land. Besides the fun things to do, you get to do meaningful community activities that serves the society. Lastly, you get to adapt to a new place quicker and you can’t deny friends always points you to the right place to go and right food to eat!

There u have it! My personal top 5 fun things to do while studying in the UK. You may find yourself enjoying different activities according to your heart’s desire, but the point is – you won’t know it until you go out there and explore!

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