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UCAS Application Guidelines

  • UCAS Application Guidelines:
    • You are only allowed to apply to 5
    • If applying for Medicine and Dentistry, only 4 Universities are allowed.


  • Important dates:
    • 15th Oct: Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, specialist programs in a University, or any course at the university of Oxford and/or Cambridge.
    • 15th Jan: Closing dates for majority courses. Submission before this guarantees that your application would be reviewed by the University. (although extension of deadline were given until 29th Jan in 2021 due to the lockdown in England)
    • 25th Feb: Extra begins – if you have used all five choices and you are not holding any offers.
    • 31st March: Application outcomes will begin to be received. Please check carefully.
    • 30th Jun: Final deadline. All applications from 15th Jan till 30th Jun would be reviewed based on available places.


      • UCAS Extra- UCAS Extra is a service that begins on 25th February and runs until the 4th July which essentially allows you to make a sixth choice university. If you applied for five courses on your UCAS application and didn’t manage to secure any offers, or turned down all the ones you received, UCAS Extra gives you a second chance to apply for a place.
      • UCAS Adjustment– Allows students that have done better than expected in their exams to look into attending a better university. Adjustment is available from A levels results day, until31 August.
      • UCAS Clearing6 July – 20 October, you can apply for a course using Clearing if you are not already holding an offer from a university or college, and if the course still has available places.
      • Accept the offer (CF, CI, UF, UI and D)
      • Application fee: GBP20 – 1 university, GBP26 – 2 – 5 university


Entry Cycle

Decision from the University          Deadline to reply to your offer

31 March                                                          8 May

9 May                                                                6 June 

7 June                                                                27 June 

18 July                                                               25 July

*Reply dates are based on when student receive the last decision from the unis or colleges. Check UCAS Track to see the personal deadline*


UG/PG Application document checklist:

  • Current academic result: with pending subjects if available
  • Previous academic result(s)
  • Previous graduate certificate(s)
  • IELTS result if applicable
  • Recommendation Letter:1 for UG, 2 for PG
  • Personal Statement: about 300-500 words or 4,000 characters, on
    • Reasons for choosing further study in the UK
    • Reasons for choosing the programme of study
    • The knowledge and skills you have obtained through your work and/or education which might be relevant to the programme of study
    • Your future career plans
  • Evidence of work experience and/or resume for PG
  • Proposal (for PG research application)


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