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Things to do before studying abroad

Things To Do Before You Leave

Make sure all your travel documents are in order

Ensure that you have a valid passport, visa and flight ticket that is ready to go. Do not forget about the expiration date of your passport; it would be best to renew it before you depart, as it should last well beyond your course duration.

Visit Our Visa page for more information regarding visas.

Confirm your health insurance cover

You never know what may happen, with you ending up in a foreign hospital, so make sure you’re covered for any incident that may occur.

Secure your courses, flights and housing

All study abroad programs are unique, but most involve traditional coursework. It is imperative to know what classes you’ll be attending, when they commence (so you can plan activities around that schedule) and where you’ll be staying (to determine your commute).

Watch the news for any updates on your destination

You’ll want to know if your study abroad country’s economy is tanking, if their metro system is falling apart, if they’re experiencing major political upheavals, if they’re in the middle of a health crisis, etc. Some of the best places to study abroad are in economic or political flux, so don’t panic over every little incident. Simply work new knowledge into your existing study abroad plans.

Organize your flights and itinerary

Gather all your plane tickets, itineraries, maps, etc., and keep them on hand. By getting everything organized ahead of time, you can lay back and enjoy the ride!

Let multiple people know where you are going and how to get in contact

Be sure to check in frequently during your trip, and let people know if you’re leaving campus on weekend trips or school breaks.

Find a bank

Banking in a foreign country is quite different than what you are used to in your home country. You may not be able to use your ATM card or credit card the way you do at home. The easiest way around this is to set up a bank account once you arrive. In doing so, you can have your money nearby and a way to access it quickly.

Make sure that your university’s qualification is recognized in your home country

There are heaps of universities and study abroad programs to study in. You should speak with our advisors to make sure that what you are studying will be recognised by employers in your home country. The last thing you want after studying abroad is to find out that the course is not domestically recognised.

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