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Tips for Parents

Tips For Parents

The empty nest syndrome kicks in as your child leaves to study abroad and just like every parent, you’ll probably be wondering about how your child will cope without you. Well, to help elevate your worries, here are some suggestions that may help.

1. Keeping in Contact

Determining a few social or online platforms suitable and set a time schedule for communication might help. Be sure to consider the different time zones as too much communication can distract them from their studies and make them more homesick or detached from their life abroad.

Alternatively, you could try keeping in contact with the manager or neighbour of the accommodation your child will be staying in so as to be able to reach them in times of emergency.

2. Their Safety

Rest-assured as foreign institutions prioritize their students’ wellbeing and will usually employ a variety of security measures including 24/7 campus security and security surveillance. A range of emergency services and student support are also readily available throughout the institution and local areas. Students can consider staying on-campus for additional security.

3. Physical, Social, Academic and Mental Support

Support will always be readily available to students. Universities have teams dedicated to providing support, including counsellors and career team to encourage students to be the best they can be. They are all just a booking away and can help from matters ranging from how to adapt to life in foreign countries to post-graduation careers advice.

There are various events available for newcomers that your child can join such as AUG Welcome Parties, networking sessions and many more. AUG provides monthly updates via newsletters to students and organises various outreach programmes including workshops, education fairs, exam care packs and many more to keep your child safe and settled abroad.

4. It’s Their Opportunity – this is the best for them

As a parent, anything you do will usually have the best interests of your child in mind. Remember that this is a valuable opportunity which will expose your child to new cultures, friends, education and opportunity.

These all ultimately allow your child to develop an international mindset which is valued by employers, the start of a global network and most importantly a solid foundation for their future.

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