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Does Studying Abroad Really Boost Your Job Prospects?

Job Prospects

Intended Field of Study

In sectors such as education, law and medicine, studying overseas may be a disadvantage to you. In these areas, you will have to take additional exams before you can work as a professional in your home country. In addition, there are national laws, requirements and regulations for each of these professions so you have to check if the course is accredited in your home country before deciding to accept your offer.

Our experienced counsellors are familiar with the accreditation requirements in your home country, please walk into your local office to find out more information.

Career Prospects

Employers are concerned about factors other than your qualification, including your personality, interpersonal skills as well as your skill set. Whether you choose to pursue a local degree or overseas qualification, it does not mean that you will have better employment opportunities in your home country.

According to Jobstreet, over 85% of employers are more interested in hiring graduates that are quick to adapt to a company’s culture and can be easily trained. Therefore, do not worry about being discriminated as many employers do not have a preference when hiring graduates from various universities.

If you need tips on how to improve your employability, look through the AUG guide to get the BEST Tips and Advice!

Part-time Employment

If you are planning to study abroad, a student Visa may be required. Each country has different restrictions on whether international students can pursue paid work or internships during the duration of their degree. If this limits your opportunity of pursuing part-time opportunities related to your field, you may have to weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative and consider your objective of pursuing a degree overseas.

Choosing a Study Destination

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