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Gain overseas experience while studying in Malaysia?

Unlimited Overseas Experience Opportunities

If you are a student considering where to study, whether it’s Malaysia or other foreign countries, students must ensure that all options are considered before deciding which university to enrol into.

First and foremost, students must have an idea of which country they would prefer to explore during their studies or the overseas qualification they would want to receive upon completion.

However, many students kick-start their studies in Malaysia. There are several pathways to have an overseas experience while studying in Malaysia, such as:

1. Study at the UK / Australia University’s Overseas Campus in Malaysia

Branch campuses generally offer almost identical undergraduate and postgraduate programmes as their main campus with equivalent academic standards. Therefore, you can be assured that you will have the same experience in terms of subjects and course syllabus as overseas peers abroad. Occasionally, there will be guest lecturers visiting from abroad to enhance your learning experience as well.

Besides, if you still wish to travel abroad, there will be a variety of options such as course credit transfer and student exchange program. For example, you can consider an internal transfer (1-2 years) or semester exchange (1-2 semesters). To understand more about these programs, you can consult AUG offices to explore your transfer options.

Options you can consider:

2. Transfer from a Malaysian Private University that has Partnerships with Overseas Universities

There are many private universities in Malaysia that has strong formidable partnership with overseas universities, which means that student can choose to enrol into their desired course fully in Malaysia or complete their degree in an overseas partner university.

There are numerous options of overseas partner universities that student can choose from. Consequently, a student’s degree will be awarded by the chosen institutions. For some courses, if student chooses not to transfer to the overseas partner university, he / she will be graduating with the private university degree instead.

On the other hand, some selected universities with dual award programme will enable students to obtain both university awards regardless studying in Malaysia or transfer to the overseas campus. you can consult AUG offices to explore your dual award options.

Some options that you can consider:

In conclusion, with all the studying abroad opportunities offered to you, it is up to you to take up the challenge. Putting your 1st foot in is the key to obtain overseas experiences while studying in Malaysia.

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