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Master by Coursework or Research

Master By Coursework Vs Research

If you’re considering further studies, you’d probably have considered doing a Master’s course. Masters by Coursework and Masters by Research, what’s the difference?

1. Course Content

As per their names, a Masters by Coursework involves the study of a specific set of core units and a selection of electives. It leans towards a practical application of subject knowledge. However, some of these courses will require a minor thesis to be completed as well, to supplement their knowledge in the chosen subject area.
Meanwhile, a Masters by Research involves students submitting a completed thesis based on an independent research project. This means that students in this course will be working independently with the support of a supervisor and the School and attend some units to improve their research skills.

2. Visa Options upon Completion

In certain countries, the Visa options available to graduates from Master’s program will differ depending on the type they chose to undertake. For example, in Australia, as a graduate from a Masters by Coursework program, a student will be entitled to apply for a post-study work Visa that is valid for two years while graduates from the Masters by Research degree can apply for a Visa valid for three years instead.

3. Which course is suited to me?

Students interested in a career in academia, have an inherent interest in research or intend to ultimately pursue a PhD are recommended to take the Masters by Research. Typically, this is most appealing to students. However, it is also an awesome opportunity for anyone who is passionate, intellectually curious and up for a challenge!
Meanwhile, Masters by Coursework is more varied, some have professional applications such as work placements such as education and medicine. These allow students to develop a foundation in their undergraduate degree before applying it to real life in Masters. Others include a large research component so as to develop a student’s knowledge in a specific area.

Overall, Masters courses are aimed at enhancing undergraduate degrees and ‘focus’ students towards specific professions. One should think of whether the Masters is able to help you develop transferable skills and whether it is vital to your professional aspirations. Note though, that availability of both Master’s degree to students depends on what each individual university offers.

If you’re still unsure about whether to do Masters by Coursework or Research, simply drop us a message in the Live Chat and your personalized counsellor will be able to answer your questions.

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