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Starting High School

Tips For High School Students

As an international student preparing to start your first day at High School, there are many things you can do beforehand. Here are a few recommended actions you should take to help your study life progress more smoothly.

1. Get the course outline for your new school

Other countries have vastly different education systems compared to Australia. For example, Australia encourages students to discover new things and give them the confidence to create new ideas and knowledge. In contrast, Asia typically encourages rote learning in public schools.

Often times, we hear from our students that they get a shock when walking into class and dealing with topics that have not been covered yet. Make sure you try asking your school, teachers or even classmates for an outline of what’s being taught and what was covered before so that you can prepare accordingly.

2. Scout out the school compound

It’s easy to get lost in a new area. Hence, to avoid being tardy on your first day, considering scouting out your school compound prior to classes actually starting. If you look for an electronic map and arrive earlier on the starting day itself, it should give yourself enough time to get to class on time.

3. Prepare your school supplies

Almost everything is more expensive when bought at the school’s supply shop, we would advise you to purchase supplies such as pens and booklets back at home where prices will be cheaper. For textbooks, it’d be hard getting them outside Australia so consider getting them second-hand off an older student in High School or used-book shops.

4. Don’t be surprised if you see many different races

High Schools from around the world now allow international students to enrol in their programs and this allows students from different cultures to bond. In particular, many expats migrate to Australia for the diverse and high-quality high school education. If you do manage to get Permanent Residency, your children can even enrol into schools for free.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you turn up to school and see many classmates with different accents, races and even countries around the world.

If you would like to enrol into high schools, please walk into your nearest AUG office to get personalized advice.

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