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First Year Survival Guide

First Year Survival Guide

Is it your first time moving away from home to study in a new country? Here are some handy tips for first-year university students (‘freshers’).

1. Attend Orientation Week!

Orientation Week, which is jam packed with activities just for freshers like you. Explore the campus to familiarize yourself with the university grounds, and sign up for clubs and societies that fit your interest – plus it’s a great chance to get free goodies!

2. Explore Your University’s Support Services

Each university offers a range of different support services, most of which are free (the costs are included in your student fees) and readily accessible. For example, the Academic Skills department can help you to polish up your writing skills and develop effective ways to articulate your ideas.
Living away from home for the first time can also be socially and emotionally demanding, particularly during the first few months. The university’s counselling service can help get you back on track and provide relevant advice.

3. The Magic of Your Student Card

This might come as a surprise, but your student card is an incredibly handy tool even outside university! Use it to get subsidized rates to movies and art galleries; and free entry to museums, such as the Melbourne Museum. All you have to do is present your student card at the ticket counter.

4. Stay open-minded to different cultures

Adopt an open-minded approach, you’ll be meeting people from different walks of life and have the chance to explore a culture different from your own. Don’t worry about thriving in your new environment immediately – take time to adjust, and make learning and self-growth a priority over results.

Are you commencing your studies soon?

Check out our “Pre-departure” page for more information regarding what to prepare and expect when you reach a brand new country!

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