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Factors to Consider Whether to Study Locally or Overseas

Local Or Overseas

Course offered in your home country?

In some countries, courses may not be offered locally or have limited places for students. For example, Singapore does not offer courses for many disciplines including Veterinary Medicine and Physiotherapy. Naturally, this means that students have to venture overseas for opportunities to pursue studies in this area.

For Medicine, many students resort to studying overseas since they do not meet the entry requirements in their home country. However, some students prefer studying these programs locally as placements will be in the local hospitals which gives them a better chance of getting employed in the future.

Credit transfer

This is a common question that AUG staff receive regarding the possibility for students to get credit transferred. After studying a pathway program such as a diploma or certificate in your home country, students would not want to study for longer than their peers (3/4 years for degree). Therefore, you can ask any of our friendly staff for advice on how to maximise your credit transferred!

Transfer programs

If you are concerned about the cost of studying abroad, there are other options you can consider to study locally. In every country, there are institutions that offer degrees recognized by prestigious foreign universities. For example, in Malaysia, there are international universities with campuses in Malaysia such as Monash Malaysia and Nottingham Malaysia. This allows you to transfer to another country, including Australia or the UK after 2 years upon meeting the entry requirements and get a certificate from the original university as well.

AUG has helped up to 400,000 students enrol into both local and overseas universities. If you have any questions about further study, please visit one of our friendly counsellors in the office closest to you.

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