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Cost and Living Expenses

Cost And Living Expenses

Besides tuition fees, you will incur other costs as a student in Australia. It is important to take these additional living expenses into account when deciding between different countries.

For your convenience, an estimated overview of general living expenses including utilities, public transport, meals and rental costs for each city is provided in EACH course in our database. Refer to that as a guide only, expenses will vary depending on your lifestyle choices and needs.

Groceries & Eating Out

Australia has a variety of large supermarket stores where you can buy household supplies and grocery products. These can be found in most major suburbs and shopping centres. 90% of Australians shop at larger supermarkets, such as Woolworths and Coles as they are situated in most major cities. However, smaller convenience stores including Asian groceries are readily accessible.

An average meal in an inexpensive restaurant would cost A$18.00. If you plan to enjoy some of Australia’s delicious meals, remember to include the cost of eating out when calculating your expenditures.


In Australia, it currently costs A$1,225 per month to stay in a 1-bedroom apartment in the city.

Most accommodations are either ‘furnished’ or ‘partly furnished’, meaning that you will have to buy furniture and electrical appliances if necessary. In order to save costs, you can choose to buy these second-hand off marketplaces like Gumtree or eBay.

Tip: Look out for apartments who provide housing for tenants under the NRAS scheme!

These affordable rental houses are offered to a small number of people for at least 20 per cent below market rates.


If you stay on-campus, these expenses will typically be included as part of an overall rent.

If you stay in an individual/shared accommodation, expenses will typically be paid separately to rent.

In addition, a student phone data plan would roughly cost A$30-40 a month.

*You may find that the expenses of living in the city or regional areas are different.

Public Transportation

Every state has a different public transport system but typically, you can order the card online or buy it from a registered retailer. If you travel regularly by public transport, you can save money by buying monthly passes. Typically, transportation costs between $4-$10 per day but you may be eligible for a concession ticket in some states.

Tip: If you wish to live in accommodation slightly far away from campus, you can consider buying a bicycle to cycle to school!

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