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Cities in Australia

Cities In Australia

If you’re reading this, you may have been considering which cities to study in Australia.

By comparing some of the key factors, we hope it gives you a sense of which city may be ideal to live in.


Living Cost Relatively high living costs in terms of rent and school fees
Climate Known to have ‘4 seasons in 1 day’, remember to bring an umbrella with you!
Student Population 164,000 International Students
Attractions Trendy cafes, rooftop bars, numerous hiking trails, art galleries and beautiful beaches


Living Cost Relatively High
Climate Regularly bright blue, sunny skies
Student Population 193,000 International Students
Attractions World-famous beaches, over 100km of national parks and thriving nightlife


Living Cost Moderate
Climate Mediterranean climate, the sunniest city in Australia with blue skies 70% of the year
Student Population 36,000 International Students
Attractions Beaches with white sand and crystal-clear waters; endless stunning coastlines and picturesque beaches


Living Cost Moderate
Climate Always sunny and never too cold in winter
Student Population 78,000 International Students
Attractions Bustling with Theme parks, beaches and sporting events


Living Cost Moderate
Climate Always sunny and never too cold in winter
Student Population 12,000 International Students
Attractions Nature reserves and man-made lake right in the city


Living Cost Relatively Low
Climate Hot summer and chilly winters
Student Population 25,000 International Students
Attractions Great wineries, festivals and events


Living Cost Relatively Low
Climate As it is an island, the weather is just generally cool especially closer to the coasts.
Student Population 6,000 International Students
Attractions Many renown attractions including “wineglass bay” and one of the best places to see the southern lights (aurora) in Australia


Living Cost Relatively Low
Climate Balmy nights, perfect for outdoor adventures
Student Population 2,000 International Students
Attractions Range of activities from Asian food markets, crocodile encounters to open-air movies and sunset cruises

This is just a general comparison between the various cities but to find more specific information, please send us a message through the online chat and our staff from Australia will answer your questions.

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