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How to Apply for a Research Degree?

Apply A Research Degree

First and foremost, you need to have completed at least a minor thesis at least in order to qualify for this degree. Otherwise, your personal counsellor in AUG will be able to advise you on Pathways to research instead.

1. Select a suitable study level

Masters by Research: Build on skills and knowledge from undergraduate degree (usually 2 years)

Doctor of Philosophy: Conduct research that leads to new knowledge or re-interpret existing ideas and theories (usually 4 years)

2. Meet minimum academic entry requirements

Masters by Research: Typically a Bachelor degree in the same discipline with a Distinction average or a Bachelor Honours degree in the same/different discipline with a Distinction average

Doctor of Philosophy: Typically exceptional results in Honours or Masters (Coursework/Research) is required

Depending on the University, both courses may require academic references, CV as additional requirements.

3. Identify a supervisor with a project you are interested in

List of supervisors can be found on the “How to Apply” page or Faculty pages in each University.

We recommend that you read about the research projects and activities of institutes and centres that you plan to work with so as to ensure that your research interests align with the supervisor and college.

4. Prepare your research proposal

The purpose of a research proposal is for the university to assess your proposed field of study and identify an appropriate supervision team for you. It should show to the school that you have a clear vision of what you wish to investigate and why it is an interesting topic.

Each university will have different requirements, some may require you to include the equipment you wish to use or research techniques.

Do note that this may not be the final topic that you will be working on as your supervisor may suggest a different project.

5. Submit your application

Upon submission of the application, there may be additional requirements such as an interview with University staff or industry partners.

If it is successful, you will receive an offer letter.

However, if it is unsuccessful, we can recommend you to other pathways to research.

6. Enrolment & Commencement

AUG will help you with this process including assisting you to accept the offer and complimentary application for Student Visa.*

Simply drop us a line in the Live Chat and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


*Terms & Conditions apply

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