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Study Engineering in Australia

Engineering is about creating solutions to the problems we face. Good engineering improves the world, helps make life easier and safer, and increases our capacity to achieve great things.

There are many courses you can pursue and make a career in engineering. In the last decade, Australia has been the top destination for Indonesian students pursuing a degree in engineering. The country offers plenty of opportunities to develop skills in accredit and recognized higher education institutions.


Here are key reasons why you have to choose engineering courses in Australia.

  • Academic Excellence

Australian laws promote high-quality education and protection for overseas students. The main regulations that focus on education are the National Code and the ESOS. Along with them, there are other regulatory and quality assurance organizations for higher education institutions.

So, no matter which engineering specializations you choose to study or where and how long you want to study there, you can be assured that you will have a top-quality and fulfilling learning experience.

Find here a complete list of programs accredited by Engineers Australia, the trusted accreditation authority for tertiary engineering education in Australia.

  • Industry-relevant Learning

The universities share a commitment to delivering courses and programs that meet the needs of industry and the economy more generally. This has resulted in more performance-based assessment and work-ready criteria, such as graduate attributes, which seek to capture generic skills and abilities that can be applied in the workplace.

You will have an opportunity to undertake an industrial training program that entails Work Integrated Learning (WIL). During the work placement or internship, you may experience working in a major organization at either the domestic or international level.

  • Diverse & Specialised courses

Australia offers a wide variety of engineering courses and degrees, making it easy for students to find the right fit. Be it mechanical, telecommunications, agriculture, petroleum, geological, electrical, chemical; you shall find a wide range of engineering courses to choose from.

You can choose among universities, vocational education, and English language training. These education sectors are linked, making it easier to move from one qualification level to the next and from one institution to another.

  • Multicultural Environment

Did you know… One in four of Australia’s 22 million people were born overseas and 46 per cent have at least one parent who was born overseas.

Recognizing the cultural diversity of school communities helps meet the educational and welfare needs of students and their families. Multicultural education provides programs promoting anti-racism and community harmony, intercultural understanding and positive relationships between students from all cultural backgrounds. It addresses educational needs of specific groups of students from language backgrounds other than English.

  • Research Opportunities

Australian universities work closely with governments to foster international collaboration and investment in research and the commercialization of technologies. The global research partnerships in the country are making significant contributions to some of the biggest challenges of our time.

Over decades of research, Australian research teams – many working with international researchers – have developed Wi-Fi and the black box flight recorder among many others.

Speak further with Australia Top Universities’ representatives to discover your opportunities and options to be an engineering student.

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