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Professional recognition : Law

What is Legal Studies (Law)? 

Law is a competitive course that demands extensive reading and deep understanding towards the subject. Despite the academic rigor, law graduates tend to excel in reading comprehension and communication skills.


Should you decide not to pursue a career in law, your skills honed in law degree alone would make your resume more competitive.

Who is it for?

  1. Students who wish to practise law and its related roles:
    1. Lawyers
    2. Paralegals
    3. Legal Advisor
  2. Students who are well-versed with reading and abstract concepts.
  3. Students who enjoy debating.

Also, based on MBTI Personality test, there are some personalities that are better suited towards taking law. However, it is not a definitive rule to determine if one should take law.


Any of the personalities with Thinking and Judging traits may be suited. This is because of their rational thinking, planning and decision-making.


Pathway to be a Qualified Lawyer

Where to study Law?

To practice law in Malaysia, your degree has to be first recognized by LPQB (Legal Profession Qualifying Board), following that you would need to pass the CLP test. Here are some private Malaysian Universities:

Alternatively, if you wish to be qualified in the UK, take the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). Here are some of the UK Universities:

Lastly, here are the Australian universities qualified by the CLP after obtaining your law degree from them:

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