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1/4 Visa 485 Extension
An extended 2 years on visa 485 (Post-Study Work Stream) is implemented from 1 July 2023

An extended 2 years on visa 485 (Post-Study Work stream) is implemented from 1 July 2023

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UCAS Application 2024
UCAS Application 2024
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UCAS Application 2024

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MBTI Certified Practitioner
MBTI Certified Practitioner
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Applying with Confidence

Applying with Confidence

We have a team of expert consultants to guide you through the application process. You can choose to apply here or simply come and meet any of our friendly counsellors to help you navigate the intricate process of getting a placement at an institution of your choice.


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How AUG+ can help you?

How AUG+ can help you

At AUG, our team of student counsellors and consultants connect ambition with possibility and expectations with experience. We guide and inspire students to go confidently. We work hard to fast track you to success. We provide the extra support needed for you to graduate. Let’s get set and GO further together.


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Our People

Our people

We are graduates from Universities around the world. With more than 150 consultants to advise you plus 25 years of experience in placement, we understand your concerns. We have vast knowledges and first hand experience in studying and working abroad and locally.


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1 Million worth of scholarship funds to be given away

1 Million worth of scholarship funds to be given away

There are many scholarships available for you! We are a qualified educational agency with over 25 years of experience.
We can provide you with the most up-to-date information about scholarship programs, and it’s FREE!


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