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How to Adjust Living Abroad

Homesick? no more!

Make a call to your home (start from daily, weekly, fortnight)

Try to make a call or video call to your family or you loved one in your home country like every day. Tell them about your activity on the day and try to update your family that you are in good condition.

After 2 weeks or a month, you can do it by weekly or fortnightly, at least you update your family that you are in good health, and everything is OK.

Get in contact with an Indonesian friend or organization

You are not alone. Currently Indonesian students are everywhere. They study from high school to postgraduate research (PhD) internationally.

You can start by looking some Indonesian students in your faculty or your university, you can start this while orientation day before the classes are begin. Sometimes speaks with your home language will make you comfort while go overseas.

Go out and Explore!

Your study will take at least 1 year or even longer, so you have more time to know more about your campus of the city where you live in.
Your university is big, explore it. From your class, library, labs, student center, or sport facilities it free for students.

Or make your time in studying overseas also your time for you to explore new places in that country. Around the city with you friends or roommate or you can arrange an interstate travel on the weekend or holidays

Part-time Job

Some countries are allowing international students with Student Visa to do a part-time job. For example, Australia gave you 20 hours per week. This will give you more opportunities to gain experience while you are gaining your degree.

Focus on your study!

This is the best way. if you feel like you miss your home, start to focus your tasks and your projects. Please remember, your degree is your goal!