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Which University Ranking should I use?

University Rankings

The rankings and the strength of a university are determined by the achievement of their teaching courses.

Which factors are important for consideration?

Aside from the overall rankings, some ranking organisations rate the strengths of a university based on subject areas as it may be more relevant compared to university-based rankings. Employers may value your degree more if it is from a well-recognised university in that particular area of study.

Universities such as Queensland University of Technology and Goldsmiths University of London are top 2 in Australia and UK respectively in the field of media and communication, well known for their hands-on learning and developing specialist skills.

Key factors for the 3 most influential rankings

  • QS Ranking
    QS generally determines rankings based on reputation. They gather information such as university reviews from scholars and academics across the world and calculate citations per faculty member to determine each university’s score.
  • Times Higher Education
    Times Higher Education rankings is focused on the research and teaching in an institution (reviews from scholars and academics across the world).
  • Shanghai Ranking
    Shanghai Ranking measures factors for quality of research and teaching staff (Number of Nobel Laureates, highly cited researchers and published papers).

Other rankings to consider

Since the reputable rankings are generally assessed based on research and academics, these are some other rankings you can choose to consider when deciding the “best” university for your course.

  • Round University Ranking
    Measures score based on a variety of factors including Academic staff per student, Share of International Students and Share of International Academic staff.
  • Quality indicators for learning and teaching (QILT)
    Indicates overall performance of school based on student experience, graduate satisfaction and graduate employment

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