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Important Questions to ask Universities at an AUG University Fair

University Fairs

Whether you are planning on attending an Admissions Fair or simply preparing to apply for University, these are some great ideas of questions that we at AUG believe students should ask Universities before enrolling.


  • What is the focus of the curriculum in the program I want to study?
    Whether you wish to pursue a range of subjects outside your major or engage in practical learning, this is a good question to ask about any program that you may be considering.
  • What makes my program different in your school compared to others?
    Many university staff would be telling students the same thing over and over again but if you were to ask them this question, they will have to think hard about the factors that distinguish them from their competitors and therefore, should be their biggest selling point.
  • What scholarships are available for the program I am interested in?
    Although this is a question that many university representatives would prefer not to hear, it is the question that you should ask if your grades are above average and may be applicable to you.

Student Life

  • How is the diversity in the student population?
    The ratio of local to international students can be subjective to what each student wishes to achieve from their studies at the school.
  • Are there student clubs related to what I study?
    Participating in activities outside of your usual curriculum, especially if you can learn new skills, is always beneficial to your future employment opportunities.
  • What is that local area like?
    Both parents and students would want to know that you will be living in a safe environment, with sufficient activities available to nurture the interests you have or broaden your horizons.
  • What do students enjoy most about your school?
    The best people to hear from are the university’s alumni who have experienced the programs and can provide some advice. However, it will also be useful to hear from the university representatives regarding the feedback which they most often receive.

Professional Opportunities

  • Are internships part of the program I want to study?
    Internships can help you to identify the career pathway you would or would not like to undertake but the first internship can be difficult to find as companies may not always publish them online. Therefore, with the help of your university, you should be able to find an internship where you can learn new skills and excel in your career.
  • Can you describe some of the job placement and career services that you offer?
    Some Universities organize recruitment fairs with top universities while others provide more meticulous training into the student’s soft skills including networking and workplace culture in that country. It is essential to find out how your future university is able to help you achieve your dream.

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