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Other Areas (Scholarships & More)

At AUG, our counsellors have up to 20 years of experience so we are able to advise you on all-rounded information with regards to the University you wish to enter.

Whether you wish to get individual personalized advice or understand a specific subject area, you should be able to find this information on our comprehensive website.

However, these are the areas that students often need more information in.

1) Employment Prospects

Employment prospects refer to the possibility of international students getting a full-time job or pursuing further study after graduation.

The experienced counsellors in AUG are familiar with the career services that most universities offer, whether it is workshops or resume checking.

2) Extra-Curricular Activities

Most universities offer a wide range of clubs and societies based on student’s interests and this can be found on the university’s website.

If you are unable to find this, contact us through the AUG Live Chat and we will assist you as soon as possible!

3) Course structure

Courses are structured differently in each university, depending on if you are concerned about having a range of subjects outside of your preferred field of study or taking part in work placements as part of the course.

AUG organizes regular events in many countries for you to get individual, personalized advice about your choice of course and university. Find out when the next event takes place near you through our Events tab.

4) Scholarships

This can be considered the most frequently asked question in all AUG offices, as students often wish to have financial support for the expensive tuition fees to study abroad.

At AUG, we understand how scholarships are able to help students achieve your potential, that is why we have compiled the most relevant scholarships from each university for you to assess your eligibility. Find out if you meet the requirements in the Scholarships section!

5) Accommodation

If you are under 18, the compliance requirements are higher. This means that you only have a few accommodation options unless you are planning to stay with a family member/relative.

If you are over 18, you will have many accommodation options.

Please refer to our accommodation guide for more information.


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