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10 courses that have incredibly high employment prospects

10 Courses That May Land You A Job

The courses stated below have been selected based on current industry trends as of December 2018 and opinions of education counsellors with more than 20 years of experience.

If you’re interested in Health Sciences

Graduates from this course often get high salaries and the industry always has low unemployment rates, as the health sector is usually not hugely affected by economic upturns and downturns.

Courses including Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy or Nursing

If you’re interested in IT and Computer Science

With technology taking over every industry in the world, graduates from this subject area are going to be more valuable to employers over time. Increasingly, employers recruit from a variety of disciplines to create dynamic teams and the courses we have listed below will equip you with a diverse range of skill sets not just in technology but other areas as well.

Courses include Cybersecurity, Computer Science and UX Design

If you’re interested in Education and Teaching

The specific needs of each school vary but generally, certain academic areas need more teachers than others. For example, there is always a high demand for great teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as there will be an increased gap between technological advancements and education. If you were to specialise in this area at university, schools will see your potential and be more likely to hire you.

Courses include Early Childhood Teaching, Special Needs Education or Education Leadership

If you’re interested in Migration

Do refer to our Visa guide for more information about the requirements.

Tips: Always remember that employers may not be looking for graduates with a specific degree but a range of skill sets related to that subject area instead. In fact, many students choose to join the corporate world after completing a history or liberal arts degree and some consider building their own startup.

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