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Getting Easy with UCAS!

What Is UCAS?

For those who has been searching a lot of information on how to study in the UK must be very familiar hearing the word UCAS. 

All The United Kingdom based University application are made through one door system, and that one door system is called UCAS. 

University and Colleges Admissions or for short UCAS is an independent charity providing information, advice, and admissions services for those who wants to study an undergraduate degree in the UK. UCAS main services is helping students figure out their wants and needs in their education and supporting them in the process.

What Is Tariff Point?

UCAS Tariff point is numerical value or points that translates the student qualifications and grades, so that UCAS would be able to compare students as equitably as possible. The Tariff points enabling UCAS to make comparisons between students with various types such as BTEC, A Levels, T Levels etc. Tariff itself has been recognised nationally across the United Kingdom. Most universities and colleges in The United Kingdom refer to UCAS Tariff points in their course entry requirements, but this doesn’t mean they won’t consider other qualifications that don’t appear on the Tariff. On the side note, students need to make sure to check the course entry requirements extra carefully.

What Document Needed?

In order to apply to the University within the United Kingdom through UCAS, these are the documents that the students need to be prepared.

First, the mandatory Documents List:

  • Academic transcripts and certificates (current and previous)
  • Reference letter (can be from lecturers or employers)
  • Self-written Personal Statement
  • English Language Proficiency

Second, the Additional Documents List:

  • Portfolio (drawn or recorded audio) (for selected courses)
  • External examinations results (e.g., country oriented, Medicine courses-oriented)

How AUG Will Help You With UCAS?

We understand that sometimes preparing all of the enquiries could be quite hard alone, furthermore preparing for tests and study at the same time. That’s why we’re ready to help! Our counsellors are not just well-informed and experienced but also very supportive as well. AUG Student Service is not only going to help you with your applications but also very eager to help motivate you to bring the best version of yourself!

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