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Allianz and student safety

Allianz brings student safety support at the touch of a button

Allianz Global Assistance has announced their partnership with Sonder Australia Pty Ltd, a student safety support service provider to enhance student well-being in Australia.



With around 600,000 international students currently studying in Australia, parents and students may feel concerned about their wellbeing in a foreign country. As an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) provider to international students for over 15 years, Allianz Global Assistance has seen many issues that have impacted international students.

Therefore, Allianz has teamed up with Sonder Australia to provide their OSHC customers with COMPLIMENTARY access to the Sonder’s vast network and unique safety features.

The “Sonder Essentials” product provides access to a student safety network, which can provide 24/7 in-person critical incident assistance when required. It has the following key features:

  • Distress function: By simply pressing the red button in the app, users can send a priority alert to the Sonder Support Centre, which can mobilise a local crisis professional and/or local emergency services to the location to provide in-person assistance;
  • Check In/Out: When activated, this function allows Sonder to monitor the user’s location and send regular alerts to make sure they are well. The app will contact a local crisis professional if it doesn’t receive a response from the user;
  • Walk with Me: When activated, this function allows Sonder to monitor the user’s location and route; send alerts if it finds problems along the way to make sure the user’s okay; and if the user doesn’t respond or requests assistance, will send for a local crisis professional and/or local emergency services; and
  • I’m Safe: In the event of a natural disaster or security incident, Sonder will activate its geographic alert system to ensure all affected students are safe and secure. It will also provide timely updates to the student’s parents.

Here’s what Students need to know:

  • Access to and use of the “Sonder Essentials” package comes at no-added-cost with the Allianz Global Assistance OSHC – saving students and their families A$365 –
  • Policies need to be bought directly through an approved and eligible Allianz education partner


If you have any issues or questions, please contact AUG Student Services through our Livechat.