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#2: The Five-Step Guide to Your Study in the USA

Did you know that there are no official ranking system exists for colleges and universities in the United States? That said, you should be assured that the best college or university is the one that is best for you and meets your requirements; either academic, financial, or personal.
The following questions are the basics and will be essential in the process of making your dream of studying in the USA come true.

● Why do you want to study in the United States?
● Where do you want to live in the United States?
● Will you need financial assistance?

Once you figure the basics, you can follow these five steps of preparation.

1. Research Your Options.

Postsecondary education in the U.S. includes six degree levels. They are associate, bachelor, first-professional, master, advanced intermediate, and research doctorate.
Need advice in eliminating your options? Our counselors are here to help guide you to your dream school.

2. Finance Your Studies.

When looking into studying in the United States, evaluating your finances should be one of the first things you do. As with any investment, you need to evaluate what’s best for your long-term plan and how much you are willing to spend.
Keep in mind that the U.S. government does not provide loans, grants, or help with scholarships for international students. As an international student, you will have to find alternative sources of funding such as:

● Home Country Education Authorities – The Government of Indonesia offers a selection of foreign study funding. To receive funding, you must qualify for and be admitted to an approved program or institution abroad.
● The International Admissions Office – Many U.S. academic institutions assist international students. Contact the international admissions office at the schools you are interested in to learn if you may be eligible for assistance.
● Scholarships and Grants – Many organizations offer scholarships and grants for study and research. These organizations include private foundations, businesses, and nonprofits.
● Exchange Programs Administered by the U.S. Government – These exchange programs provide assistance to qualified international students. You can get help from the Fulbright Program and other programs at all education levels.

3. Complete your application.

A college or university application is not composed of just one component. That, combined with not having the right person to talk to, can make this such a daunting task for students. Now, the good news is you don’t have to go through your application to study in the USA alone. Reach out to AUG team and we’ll help you every step of the way!

4. Apply for your visa.

If you have reached this point, let me first congratulate you on being accepted at a college or university of your choice! If you are unsure about your visa, always and always get help with your application. We are just one call away.
In the process of applying for a student visa to the U.S., you will be required to attend an interview. Do your best to explain why you want to study in the United States, how you plan to support yourself while in school, and what your plans are for when your studies are finished. This is why having strong basics are key!

5. Prepare for departure.

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