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Terms and Conditions


Greetings from AUG and thank you for choosing us to help you achieve your goals of studying abroad!


We offer our services to you on the terms and conditions contained in this document. We also need your consent to do certain things on your behalf, and to pass on information you give us to specific people and/or institutions for the reasons we explain below. Please read the following carefully, and agree with the Terms & Conditions by clicking the “Send” button.


1. Who we are and what we do

AUG is a global company that promotes overseas education in local markets. We do this in a variety of ways, such as by assisting students with their applications to various international education institutions.


2. What we ask you to do

(a) You agree that

  • all information you supply will be complete, accurate and truthful;
  • any essay questions or other written statements you need to do as part of any application process will be completed by you alone;
  • you will directly notify both AUG and the academic institution you are applying to immediately should any information you give cease to be complete, accurate and truthful;
  • you will only use our system for the purpose of assisting you with your application to study. This includes not doing anything to interfere with the functioning of our system or anyone else’s application within the system; and

(b) You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the completeness, accuracy and truthfulness of all information that you give us.

(c) If you are offered and accept a place on a course, you undertake to obey the Rules, Regulations, Statutes and Ordinances of the academic institution, and to ensure the payment of all fees and other liabilities for the course you apply for. You understand that you are solely responsible for paying any applicable fees or other liabilities involved in applying to or undertaking the courses you choose and, in particular, that we cannot be responsible for any changes to course or fee details.


3. Your Privacy

Maintaining your privacy is an important part of the services that we provide. This Privacy Statement, hereafter referred to as “Statement”, explains how we collect, protect, use, and share information when you access our websites and/or avail of our services.


What We May Collect From You

When you inquire or avail of the services that AUG offers or when you interact with our employees and partner institutions, we collect your personal information. This may include, among others:

  • your name and personal particulars such as contact details, address, birthdate;
  • education information including your grades, transcripts and diplomas or certificates;
  • government ID details such as passport or professional licenses;
  • financial information (such as income, bank account balances and transaction history, business details, etc);
  • employment details;


We may also collect, use and keep your personal opinions or comments made known to us via feedback or responses to surveys or any other interaction that you had with our employees and partner organizations.


How We May Share Your Information

The information you provide to us will only be shared to the people of the academic institutions you have intended to apply to, to enable your application for entry to be considered by those academic institutions.


How We Use Your Information

Specifically, the information collected and stored shall only be used for the following purposes:

  • respond to queries and guidance requests and to improve how we interact with you;
  • properly counsel and give you advise on study destination, study programs and academic institutions that best suits you;
  • send you official correspondences from academic institutions, immigration missions and other educational organizations;
  • conduct surveys, studies and researches for the purpose of reviewing, developing and improving our products and services;
  • perform profile analysis, behavioral modeling and analytics to understand needs, preferences and market trends to be able to improve and recommend suitable products and services;
  • reach out to you regarding services and activities information, including information sessions, scholarship information, education fairs; and for personalizing your experience with our various touchpoints such as email, messaging and other channels;
  • determine the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and initiatives;


We wish to assure you that we do not, and will not, sell personal data to any third parties. All our engagements with third parties shall be fully compliant with our obligation of confidentiality imposed on us under the applicable agreements and/or terms and conditions or any applicable laws that govern our relationship with you.


How We Protect Your Information

We fully recognize the value of your personal information particularly as it may include sensitive personal information such as your gender, government-issued IDs, etc. Appropriately, we strive to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your personal information by employing physical, technological and procedural safeguards. We train our employees to properly handle your information.


How Long Do We Keep Your Information

Your personal information shall be retained for as long as the purpose for which it was collected, and such other purposes that you may have consented to from time to time, remains in effect and until such time as it is no longer required nor necessary to keep your information for any other legal, regulatory or business purposes.


You Have Rights

In respecting your rights to privacy, you may opt to tell us:

  1. not to send you marketing materials via email;
  2. not to share your information with our subsidiaries and affiliates or with other companies that we have business with provided that such information is not critical nor required by applicable laws and regulations in maintaining the services that you have availed with us;
  3. to update your information;
  4. about your other concerns relating to how we collect, use, share, protect or dispose your information.


4. Acceptance

I understand that AUG collects the above personal information (possibly including information defined as “sensitive” information by privacy protection legislation). I understand that the purpose for collecting the information is to enable my request for obtaining information on study opportunities overseas and for applying to study at international institutions via AUG to be processed. I understand that I will be able to have reasonable access to this information and to request correction of any information that I believe is inaccurate. I understand that AUG also takes reasonable steps to ensure the security of my personal information. I understand that AUG will disclose my personal information only to organisations or individuals who are directly and immediately involved in activities associated with the purpose for which this information is being collected. I understand that AUG may wish to notify me of future events/promotions/exhibitions and other updates regarding international education. I also understand that AUG may use my personal information to undertake research for the purpose of international education.


  • I consent to AUG collecting my personal information (including sensitive information) for the purpose of processing my enquiry/application to study.
  • I consent to AUG notifying me of future events/promotions/exhibitions or other updates regarding international education.
  • I consent to AUG using my personal information to undertake research for the purpose of international education.