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University of Kent

University of Kent is one of the country’s leading academic institutions producing world-class research, rated internationally e..

University of Hull

With a vision to be recognised for academic excellence that empowers people to shape the future, University of Hull are absolutely..

University of Huddersfield International Study Centre

Located at the modern and innovative University of Huddersfield, the University of Huddersfield International Study Centre offers ..

University of Huddersfield

The University of Huddersfield is a growing centre of research and excellence. Huddersfield won the first Global Teaching Excellen..

University of Glasgow

Discover and create to change the world is key for the improvement of the University of Glasgow. They look to inspire ambitious pe..

University of Dundee

University of Dundee is an established Scottish university with a progressive and dynamic outlook. With an aim to impact lives thr..

University of Chester

Established in 1839, the University of Chester aims to provide students with education, skills and support for them to improve the..

University of Central Lancashire

University of Central Lancashire offers students with an unforgettable student experience and a professionally-respected qualifica..