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Welcoming you back to Monash University Melbourne!


Your introduction to Monash starts here


Clayton, Caulfield, Peninsula and Parkville. What are they?


They are campuses designated in Monash Australia, where they each house a variety of faculties.


AUG pays a visit to Monash Melbourne to give you first-hand experience of what is like to study your desired course with world-class facilities.


In those campuses, students shared that they were glad to enjoy campus facilities post-pandemic.

Clayton Campus: Engineering, IT, Law & Sciences

The “Original” Monash campus, where it all started is located 20 kilometres south-east of Melbourne. The biggest campus among all Monash campuses, it hosts up to 8 different faculties: Arts, Business & Economics, Education, Engineering, Information Technology, Law, Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences and Sciences.


Given its size, students who enjoy immersing themselves in campus life, restaurants, supermarkets and other amenities are within walking distance.


As part of the 24,000 students studying in Clayton Campus, here is quick look into how it looks like.

To Malaysians reading this, the enormity of Clayton campus – estimated by walking distance – is almost three times the size of KLCC.


As for Singaporeans, we think it is roughly the size of the Botanical Gardens.


With that large of a venue for university, you can imagine the facilities that is being provided to Monash students.


One of which is the Moot Court- where as a law student you would practise debates and court cases in.

What makes it special as a court for trial cases is the fact that cameras are located at every angle to mimic a real court experience. This is where high definition footage is taken from the moment you enter Moot Court, just like how the High Court of Australia would have.


To top that off, the glass instated are the heaviest investments of the building because it is bullet-proof. Naturally, the Supreme Court has the same equipment.


The reason for such initiatives is to provide world-class study experience for Law students, making graduation a seamless experience. Transitioning students from studies to chambering to finally arguing in Court cases.

The only university to have a standalone faculty among the Group of Eight. Monash University Australia, has invested to give only the best learning facilities to make you job ready.


In the final year of IT students, they are required to create a game as part of their assignment. This allows them to have their first digital portfolio before even starting work.

Before becoming a teacher, one must first be a student. And what better way to be a student at Monash with large learning facilities and 24/7.


Interactive learning in learning in the round students get engaged with the videos streamed through the Television

A space of 1,080 sqm, students are provided state-of-the-art prototyping centre with student refreshment for students to focus on collaborating with other Engineering students.


Some projects that students work on are F1 Cars and Mini-rockets, where they gain competitive edge in competitions such as ready Formula Student Driverless car, FSAE Australasia, European Formula Student.


In the video where students were crowded, are freely collaborating among different students of different disciplines to apply their theories into practical projects: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.



  –  Immersive on-campus experience with amenities within campus

  –  Quiet study environment = high focus study environment

Caulfield campus: Monash Art, Design & Architecture, Business

Second to Clayton campus’ size, Caulfield was once known as the Caulfield Technical School. Located at the suburb of Melbourne, it takes half an hour to reach by train.


Caulfield campus is located near the city, which means it is highly accessible by train (a minute walk to Caulfield Station via Sir John Monash Drive). This would mean that student hangout spots (cafes, cinemas, etc) would be made readily-accessible as well.

Caulfield campus is a great location to study the following subjects: Monash Art, Design, Architecture and Business. Business has been a popular course among international students. Meaning more inclusivity for non-Australian students, especially for the ones studying outside the country for the first time.

Another great part about Caulfield campus is the diverse amount of clubs. With over 40 different clubs ranging from Academic Clubs, Cultural Clubs, Spiritual Clubs, it provides students great exposure early on before engaging with their internships. This creates the consistency in their soft skills: communication, time management and project management.



Some of the clubs within the campus include Monash Caulfield Debating Club (Special Interest) and Overseas Christian Fellowship (Spiritual Club). More information can be found here.

Immediately students are working with broadcasting grade equipment such as 4k remote cameras, designated control rooms laced with LED lighting.



Just like any other Australian commercial station or radio station, the Faculty of Media is decorated with Sound-proof rooms, to top quality microphones, and even mixing discs.



When it comes to choosing a course in Media, it is all about the equipment one is exposed to, and then later on seamlessly transitioning to the broadcasting world.

Learning business doesn’t just have to come from books or theories. With a live trading simulation that mimics the market environment, students get to experience what it is like to trade with the same equipment as traders.



MBA students are entitled to a concierge exclusive for their quiet study.


  –  City life with vast amounts of greenery around you

  –  Spacious layout throughout the campus

  –  Students enjoy cultural diversity

Peninsula campus: Allied Health

Peninsula, originally a teacher’s college, merged with Monash University followed by the Caulfield campus. It is the third largest campus in Australia. With a heavy focus on Allied Health which is the delivery of health-related services, so anything related to the study of health.


Given its focal point on Allied Health, there are limited faculties, making the campus less crowded and more spacious. However with the few faculties, Peninsula campus specialises in para-medicine and midwifery.

Para-medicine as a course is considered niche especially in Malaysia and Singapore. Although students may opt for a different career path such as attaining a diploma first and then attaining work experience, having a degree streamlines the process as Monash offers clinical placement while gaining theoretical knowledge.



Studying Midwifery as a course already entitles you to a dual-degree program, Bachelors of Nursing and Bachelor of Midwifery. This immediately makes you a more valuable multi-practitioner in rural to remote areas.



Similar to Paramedicine, it is niche in Malaysia and Singapore, which could mean limited facilities. As seen in the video, when studying Monash, you are getting access to world-class facilities.



What makes studying at Peninsula a joy is the possibly lower cost of living as it is further away from the city area. It takes about an hour to travel by train to reach the city. However it has inviting beaches nearing the campus for example Frankston Beach, Point Napean or Chelsea Beach. Best part is that the beach complements the rich greenery around the campus itself.


In terms of transportation it is a minute walk to Leawarra Station, making travel even more convenient.


  –  Campus that focuses on health-related courses

  –  Quieter and more green environment

Parkville: Pharmacy

Surrounded by beautiful parks, Parkville campus is the only campus to have specialization on 1 course out of the 4 campuses mentioned. With trams easily accessible, it makes travelling much more convenient, as it is a short tram ride north towards Melbourne’s Central business district (CBD).


Given that Parkville campus is nearby the city, there are many student hangout areas (cinemas, shopping malls, amenities and cafes).


As AUG visited Parkville campus there was a train stop right in front of the campus.

Barkly Square, the nearest shopping centre is a 15 min walk from Brunswick and it offers a great number of stores.


Aside from there, Bustling Sydney Road offers one of the longest retail strips as well as a Middle Eastern bakeries that offer fresh cheese and salami. Further east of Bustling Sydney, is Lygon Street where there are bookshops, music stores and most importantly the Italian food: pizzeria, restaurants and cafes.


Food aside, the campus is bordered by Royal Park, which is the largest Melbourne inner-city parks.


Fun fact , Royal Park is home to the Royal Melbourne Zoo that houses hundreds of distinct animal species locally and internationally. If animals or nature do not interest you, take pleasure in the world’s third largest IMAX 3D screen, that is located just beside Carlton Gardens (11 mins by car).



  –  Students who study in the field of pharmaceuticals

  –  City life that also gets you in touch with nature

  –  Rich variety of food and entertainment nearing the campus

Don’t need to wait until it’s time for university, you can start your journey now at Monash College. With one of the most liveable cities, at 750 Collin Street, Melbourne, you gain access to modern facilities:

Student hubs

Art & Design studios

Student Kitchens

Flexible and contemporary learning spaces

Modern architectural

Featured in Clayton campus (called the Green Chemical Building), Faculty of Science has access to an abundant of facilities. Depending on your year of study, you will be assigned to a designated floor (Second year students will be on the first floor, and Third-years will be on the second floor). However, regardless of your year of study, the Student Learning lounge is 24/7 study space for any science student.

Another thing…


AUG worked with Monash Australia and Study Melbourne to showcase what it is like to study abroad.


If you can picture being abroad, leave your contact to see it come true.