Why Choose AUG


We believe this is how we can add value to our student’s educational journey.

  • More than 24 years of experience in the industry
  • Extensive network of 23 offices across Asia-Pacific
  • Successfully placed more than 300,000 students in education institutions across the world
  • Offices located in 5 major cities in Australia
  • Represents more than 180 educational institutions across Australia
  • Experienced, ethical and multilingual student advisors who provide personalized guidance and accurate advice
  • Represents more than 500 educational institutions across Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore and many more
  • Committed to delivering a range of post-enrollment services and support to students
  • Collaborations with well-regarded organizations to enhance you and your children’s living and study experience
  • Meaningful and strong alumni network that creates mutually beneficial and lifelong relationships, as well as professional networking opportunities

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