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What is a Foundation program?

Foundation Program

A bridging program to allow students to meet the academic requirement (English, Science or Overall Score) of a University Undergraduate program. The duration will last from 1 to 1.5 years (academic and English courses), consisting of academic and English training to equip students with knowledge for their undergraduate study.

This program can be suitable for

  1. SPM/O-Level students;
  2. STPM/A-level students/IB students who have missed the cut for direct entry;
  3. Diploma students who wish to continue into another field of study.

Students from foundation programs have guaranteed entry into their desired universities if they meet entry requirements for their course. Regardless, studying foundation gives you a range of university options to choose from once you have the required background for your field of study.


SPM/O-Level -> Foundation -> Undergraduate (3 years)

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