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How do I know if I meet the entry requirements of a course?

Do You Meet Entry Requirements

Entry requirements refer to the academic results as well as additional information required by the various Universities to determine if you are academically suited to enrol into their school.

To be eligible for a course, you need to meet 3 different requirements

1) Minimum tertiary entry requirements

For Vocational or Bachelor programs, students are required to finish the required level of high school qualification (between Year 9 to Year 12).
For Masters or PhD programs, students are required to finish at least their Bachelors or Masters degree depending on their home country.

To assess your eligibility for courses, simply contact us through the AUG Live Chat.

2) Institution requirements

To be considered for a course at your desired university, you must meet the minimum academic, age and English language requirements set by the school for each course.
Applicants may be able to gain entry through a pathway/bridging course but this is on a case-by-case basis.

3) Course requirements including prerequisites

Apart from the basic entry requirements, additional requirements include certain prerequisite subjects or extra requirements such as English personal statements, interviews, Special Admissions Test and folios.

Meeting these requirements do not guarantee entry into a course, as there may be more applicants than places available and there are specific deadlines for certain courses that all applicants have to meet.

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Choosing A Course

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