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How do I apply for an internship or work placement in a foreign country?

Apply For Internship

There are different opportunities depending on your course.

If the work experience/placement is part of your education course, counsellors at your university’s Career Advice department will hold a list of companies offering work opportunities and pre-select you to go for interviews. The department will also provide extra support such as resume review or mock interview sessions to ensure you get into a placement.

If you have identified which field and industry you wish to work in, you should browse through that company’s website to see what openings they have every month. Even if they do not currently have openings, you can submit your resume to them or try to attend events held by them in your university.

Career fairs organised by the school are a good opportunity for you to get contacts from corporations, hence building your professional network. Lastly, you can look for your own internship through various job search portals, including Linkedin, Seek and or via recruitment agents.

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