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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Business and Hotel Management School

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About the course

The postgraduate business & commerce program provides foundation and advanced studies in the disciplines of project and people management, finance and international business, business intelligence and marketing, economics, supply chain design and management.

What you will learn

Advanced levels of knowledge and skill in those disciplines are developed through a combination of core and elective subjects such as management and consulting, business law, economics, financial decision making, business communication, business strategy, project management, system analysis, supply chain and international business.

Career outcome

Upon graduating from this program, you may be employed in roles such as economist, marketing executive, business analyst, human resources officer, retail manager, sales executive and etc. in companies including Amazon, Alibaba Group, B2W, Rakuten, eBay and etc.

Living Costs in Lucerne**

(Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant)
Fr. 22 - 29

Rent per Month
(1 bedroom in City Centre)
Fr. 1,148 - 1,518

Rent per Month
(1 bedroom Outside of Centre)
Fr. 935 - 1,236

Fr. 4 - 8

Utilities per Month
(Electricity, Mobile & Internet)
Fr. 135 - 179

Average Salary**


Tuition fees per year

Fr. 30,900



1 year

Upcoming Intakes

Apr 2019

Course Code



+60 3 5634 3767


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