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Food Science (Honours)

Bachelor Degree / Honours Degree.
Taylor’s University

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About the course

This Bachelor Degree / Honours Degree course is designed to equip students with a range of knowledge and skills in subject areas such as food chemistry, food processing and preservation and research and development. It will provide flexible pathways to employment, professional or postgraduate research programs.

What you might learn

As part of this course, you will undertake core and elective subjects such as food policy and governance, food management, bioprocessing, nutrition and sustainability. Graduates of this course should be able to find employment within the industry or have built a solid foundation towards obtaining a Masters degree.

Career outcome

Upon graduating from this program, you may be employed in roles such as food technologist, nutritionist, dietitian, quality assurance officer, product tester, laboratory officer, and etc. in companies including Food Standards Agency, Food and Drugs Agency, Amcor, Cargill, General Mills, and etc.

Tuition fees

  • Local: RM31,500 per year
  • International: US$10,616 per year

Living Costs in Selangor**

(Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant)
RM 9 - 12

Rent per Month
(1 bedroom in City Centre)
RM 1,362 - 1,802

Rent per Month
(1 bedroom Outside of Centre)
RM 783 - 1,035

RM 10 - 14

Utilities per Month
(Electricity, Mobile & Internet)
RM 255 - 337

Average Salary***



Tuition fees per year

RM 31,500



3 years

Upcoming Intakes

Mar 2020

Course Code

KPT/JPS (R2/541/6/0026) (MQA/FA 0139) 02/21


+60 3 5634 3767



Taylor's University Excellence Award

Up to RM15,000

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