What does a Doctor do?

Doctor treats people who are ill or injured. They can specialise to become a General Practitioners (GPs) which is the frontline of healthcare since they are the first contact of a patient with health problems. They must diagnose and treat a wide range of patients and refer them to the specialist if needed.
Doctors can also work as a specialist or surgeon. They are at least 30 options for medical specialties to choose from. For example, gynaecology and obstetrics. Doctors who further specialised in being a surgeon will be able to perform surgery on a patient if needed.
Doctors can also choose to work in academia. This typically consists of conducting studies and teaching medical students and professionals.

How to become a Doctor?

To become a doctor, you would need to complete an accredited Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. Alternatively, you can complete a relevant degree such as science, health science and biomedical science, followed by a Doctor od Medicine. Graduates are also required to finish the residency program to be certified as a Doctor.

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Career Outlook

General Practioner, Medical Officer
Specialist, Surgeon
Hospital Director, Consultant, Professor

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