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Sometimes, pictures of places can be misleading especially with the many editing tools available nowadays but compare the pictures of the beautiful scenery in Switzerland to the real deal and you will find that there is little to no difference. Switzerland really is that beautiful with its sweeping landscapes, majestic mountains and quaint countrysides.

Switzerland is famous for many things. Other than the obvious fame of the Swiss alps, the best luxury watches (think Rolex, Patek Philippe and Panerai), some of the most stable banks in the world and best chocolate (heard of Toblerone?) all proudly hail from Switzerland. Swiss education is also highly regarded and world renowned. So, be part of the best.

Switzerland’s strategic location right in the centre of Europe make the rest of Europe within arm’s reach. With most European countries being just about a few hours train ride or short flight away, even the most unadventurous person would be tempted to explore!

The steep, perilous and snowy landscapes of the Swiss alps are perfect for the adrenaline seekers who get a kick out of barreling down the slopes at high speeds and dizzying heights. However, the Swiss alps also host an array of activities for those who are a little more tame when it comes to spending their free time. There’s an activity for everyone here.


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