At AUG, we believe that education is one of the most important investments in life, especially overseas education. Thus, choosing the right education pathway and university is essential. The Study Tour Program can play an important role in helping one make the right choice.

The Study Tour Program encourages students to immerse themselves in an overseas study environment, exposing students to campus life and culture in hopes of broadening the student’s outlook towards world class institutions in Australia, UK, USA and Singapore among others. Apart from building academic capability, study tour also aims at building life skills such as team work, communication, problem solving skills and decision making that are only obtained through life experience. This program gives students the opportunity to live in a global community, exposed to different cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds to truly broaden their horizons and become a global citizen.

Studying abroad and participating in Study tours can be a bit scary for students, and often it produces even more anxiety for the parents who stay at home. While it’s reasonable to discuss concerns about finances, safety and academics with your child before they go overseas, these questions shouldn’t prevent your child from taking advantage of all the remarkable opportunities and advantages that studying abroad has to offer.



Read more for AUG’s Top Five (5) Reasons why let your child join Study Tours.


Global Citizenship

With the increasing globalization and internationalization happening everywhere, it is vital for your child to expand their worldview, to be taken out of their comfort zone and get an opportunity to appreciate others way of living. AUG’s Study Tour will connect your children with the rest of the world in a way that’s hard to achieve from home. Through this environment, they will build a deeper understanding of global issues and start to think globally. This process of connecting to foreign places and building empathy with people from other nationalities will make your children better global citizens, which is a crucial part of living in a global society.

Build International Competency

Having the experience to live in a foreign country for a couple of weeks, give the students a newfound sense of independence and discipline as an individual and sets an unshakeable sense of confidence and a new perspective on the world. This also translates to great leadership skills, which is likely part of why employers value study abroad in a resume. AUG makes a tailored-fit program for the students which suits their preferences. Employers value not just students’ grades, but also their wider curriculum, including participation in societies, voluntary work and study trips abroad. With the increased financial instability and availability of a foreign workforce, continuous CV building is an essential requirement for students to be able to fully participate in the global economy as young adults.

World Class Destination for Higher Education

AUG represents many world-renowned institutions in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. We can arrange your child’s study tour based on their preferences at the best student places like, London, Boston, Oxford and Melbourne. Our study tour ensures a smooth-sailing journey for the students and let them experience the best programs with prestigious and reputable universities worldwide. Such opportunity enables your child to make informed decisions in selecting the Institution for their education. Thus, letting them enjoy and be inspired on finishing their studies and achieve their life goals.

Local Culture Immersion

Sharing to our students about a country’s way of living is one thing, having them encounter it first-hand is a completely different and more exciting adventure. Living the culture not only makes it a lot easier for these students to understand but also makes it a lot more enjoyable and fun.  AUG gives the students an enabling environment for them to learn and experience the country’s norms and way of living. It is also amazing platform for them to practice their language skills, especially the communicative skills of understanding and speaking. Many find that interacting with different cultures has a lasting impact on a student’s educational journey and most specifically their own way of life.

Gain Lifelong Friends and Colleagues

Students on a school trip get a chance to meet new people, offering lots of avenues to practice their social skills. It furthermore allows them to make new friends: be that with locals or with other students on the trip, who, due to whatever reason, they never really got to know until now. AUG opens a long-lasting relationship and camaraderie between our students, teachers and institutions. Sharing certain experiences provides a strong bond and friendship between people and gives them Global connection and the opportunity to relive the memories with others again and again in the future.