“Amazing trip in Melbourne. Warm-hearted people, cool weather, nice food, breathtaking scenary and et cetera. We have been to many universities and have experienced their culture.Thanks AUG for bringing us a memorable study tour.”

Cai Ying

My 2017 AUG Study Tour to Melbourne and Adelaide has given me a greater opportunity to see so much more about the local education system, especially the higher education system than what I am able to learn at school. Without a doubt, this tour has inspired me a lot to pursue higher education overseas in the future.

AUG Student Services has provided us warm and helpful support and assistance throughout the tour and I am really thankful to them. One of the greatest benefits I have received is the information of studying in Australia and it has broadened my horizons. I would definitely recommend their services to other students too.


Chong Yu Hong, Clyde
SMJK Yu Hua Student




“It was astonishing to meet other AUG Malaysian representatives who are based Australia and having them share their personal experiences with us. I would love to thank Kate and rest of the AUG crew for the amazing time and experience we had in Australia.”

Shan Wei



“I would definitely recommend this trip to the other student! They should take this opportunity to learn and grow and also to interact with their other schoolmates. This has been such a fun journey and I am really thankful for the AUG team and teachers who accompanied us during this trip.”

By Jacqueline Lee




“We got to do many fun experiments such as making shampoo and dissecting a sheep heart and lungs. Here, we got to take a peak into the student life in Melbourne”

Kiren Ravindran