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We offer the most sought out destinations for our students, from Melbourne to Brisbane or Cambridge to London.

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We not only make our study tour accessible and affordable, we ensure that every dollar is worth it.

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At AUG, we ensure the process and the journey to be smooth sailing all the way right from the get go.

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Learn from many disciplines such as Science & Engineering, Design Portfolio Making, Art Performing to University Preparation into Ivy League / Russell Group and many more..

Character Building

More than just a sight-seeing tour, we instill leadership qualities such as good communication, team-work, discipline which are essential for a student’s success.

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Meet with new friends from all around the world and travel with like-minded people throughout the study tour.

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Chrysalis International Young Leaders Conference 2018

Is cross-cultural leadership important? What does cross-cultural leadership mean in a globalized world. What are the benefits of cross-cultural competence for an enterprise? How can it be utilized successfully?

Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts Summer School 2018

Do you have an interest in Art and Design or The Performing Arts and want to spend time developing your skills with other people of your age? Looking for something

Trinity Young Leaders Program

The Young Leaders Program, offered at Trinity College, the University of Melbourne, provides students aged between 14 and 17 the opportunity to broaden their outlook on learning and study