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3 Reasons to Study Locally in Malaysia

Reasons To Study Locally

Every one of us has considered studying overseas at least once in our lives. The thought of eating Fish and Chips in London or enjoying the breeze on Bondi Beach in Sydney might be irresistible. However, some of us might be more attracted to the thought of staying in the comfort of our own home.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider studying in your home country!

Receiving the same qualification as overseas

If you are planning to study a Bachelor degree locally, most degrees offered in local schools are designed and assessed to meet the standards of high-ranking overseas universities. You can even graduate with the same certificate as those who have studied overseas.

If you plan to study other programs locally (High School/Diploma/Foundation etc), we can advise you on which programs will be accepted by overseas universities.

Transfer to an overseas campus with ease

Many degrees offered in local schools offer inter-campus transfer or opportunities to go on an exchange. Inter-campus transfers allow students to save on course fees and living costs while still being able to explore another country for as long as you wish.

Affordable Tuition Fees

You can obtain a good degree of international recognition at an affordable tuition fee! In addition to paying lower fees compared to going overseas, we can also advise you on scholarships offered to students.

Discover the various institutions you can choose from in your home country with the AUG Search & Compare function!

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